Vision & Mission


Amma’s compassion for the marginalized and the poor and her vision of reaching Quality health care and education to the needy irrespective of their economic, social or religious identity is our Passion.

Our vision, in total alignment with that of Amma’s, is to take Quality health care to those in need and create an outstanding and dedicated pool of ‘Talent Resource’ through our educational institutions to make the ‘Sri Narayani quality of health care’ a reality.


To create an environment where quality health care, which is affordable and accessible, is delivered with compassion and concern to all irrespective of their economic and social status.

To reach out and touch lives of the affected people creating total health care awareness, thus facilitating early detection and prevention of disease with a view to ensure holistic wellness of the targeted population.

Create and retain a pool of talented and dedicated workforce that will deliver service to the needy and the underprivileged with care and compassion.

Nurture an academic environment where pursuit of excellence in Teaching, Learning and Research will be a cherished goal and a way of life.

Create the right ambiance to promote health tourism with a view to ensure overall development of the hospital and affiliated educational institutions.

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