Types Of Services

  • 1.Doctor care (Optional for other than SNHRC Pts)
  • 2.Nursing Care
  • 3.Therapeutic Care
  • 4.Laboratory services care (No need of personnel)
  • 5.Pharmaceutical services care (No need of personnel)
  • 6.Rehabilitative support (renting aids and appliances) (No need of personnel)

Nursing Care (Post Medical / Surgical Care)

  • 1.Day Care Services
  • 2.Long-term for chronic ill and medical, surgical care
  • 3.Hourly nursing care at home for adults with a chronic illness, injury, or disability
  • 4.Care for diseases and conditions such as Traumatic brain injury (TBI), Spinal cord injury (SCI), ALS, MS
  • 5.Ventilator care / Respiratory care
  • 6.Monitoring vital signs /BP/Random Sugar/pulse
  • 7.Administering medications /oral & IV care
  • 8.Ostomy/gastrostomy care
  • 9.Bladder & bowel care/Catheter care
  • 10.Bladder & bowel care/Catheter care
  • 11.Skin Care/ Wound Care
  • 12.Sponge Bath

Therapeutic Care

  • 1.Pre operative & post operative orthopedic conditions like Hip& knee replacement
  • 2.Developmental disabilities like Cerebral palsy, autism etc
  • 3.Speech disorders like stammering, voice disorders etc
  • 4.Artificial limbs fabrication

Laboratory Services

  • 1.Blood tests
  • 2.Urine tests etc can be done at the patients home and reports delivered to their house.
  • 3.ECG

Pharmaceutical Services

  • 1.Medicines
  • 2.Medical equipment's like pulseoximetre, BP apparatus etc cane be delivered.
  • 3.Assistance & training given to use medical equipment's.

Rehabilitative Services Care

  • 1.Physiotherapy/ Occupational Therapy/ speech therapy equipment's will be either rented or purchased directly (LS belt, collars etc ).
  • 2.Renting out rehabilitative aids and appliances like walkses, sticks etc.

How SNHHCS Provided

Nursing Care

  • 1.Based on the prescriptions or order from a physician/ surgeon
  • 2.Shift basis
  • 3.All day in a week
  • 4.SNHHCS registered nurse will be delivering services based on short term or long term
  • 5.Nusing kit will be provided based on the services (Optional)

What You Expect From SNHHCS

  • 1.Our nurses will check upon the diet prescriptions and needs, monitoring blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing.
  • 2.Safety of the patient at home, whether any medical device is needed for the care of the patient and its feasibility at home.

Therapeutic Care

  • 1.Physical therapists helps in restoring mobility, strength and endurance
  • 2.Occupational therapists helps to improve the ability to perform everyday activities like self care activities.
  • 3.Speech language pathologists helps to improve with speech, language disorders voice, cognition, and swallowing issues.

How Does SNHHCS Work

  • 1.Make a call
  • 2.Fix an appointment with our expert
  • 3.Prioritize your need
  • 4.Evaluation of your need
  • 5.Our team memeber visit to your place
  • 6.Execution of Nursing/therapeutic care.

Benefits Of SNHHCS

  • 1.Convenience
  • 2.SNHHCS nurses can be there to support the patient in your absence.
  • 3.Time is valued as you and your care givers time is productively appreciated
  • 4.Skilled nursing facility at your door step.
  • 5.Prevents unwanted hospitalizations
  • 6.Prevents unwanted exposure to hospitals of you and your loved ones.
  • 7.One on one care
  • 8.Medicine administration / medical equipment administration
  • 9.Recovery and outcome is better

Emergency Care

In Patient Services 24/7

Out Patient Services

Monday - Saturday: 8am - 6pm

Sunday: 9am - 1pm