The SNHRC, provides free services to the poor & needy including free treatment. Surgeries, diagnostics, imaging, free food, free medicines and follow-up care by devoting resources and expertise to the investigations of problems contributing to health disparities in minority populations, we can translate our understanding into clinical application to serve and improve the community.

The institute is actively organizing numerous community outreach programs in our adopted villages in and around vellore. We are in the process of setting up the super specialities of cardiothoracic Surgery and Oncology. The institute has already made its remarkable change in the Healthcare education.

SNHRC is a remarkable and unique institution and is embarking on a promising venture, dedicated to making the coming years as rich and productive as its past while ensuring that our students are trained, our faculty serve our patients receive care in a twenty first century environment. My goal is to lead the effort and set standard for excellence in these endeavours.

Prof. Balaji Nandagopal


Director & Trustee, Sri Narayani Group of Insitutions,
Professor, Laboratory Medicine, SNHRC,
Director, Sri Sakthi Amma Institute of Biomedical Research,
Sripuram, Vellore 632 055,
Tamilnadu, india.


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