Blood Bank

Transfusion Medicine/ Blood Bank

Transfusion medicine is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the process of collecting (donation), testing, processing, storing, and transfusion of safe blood and its components. It plays a vital role in patient management. The Department of Transfusion Medicine at Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre commenced in the year 2007.

The blood bank in our hospital has adequate space consisting of Reception area, Medical examination room, Blood donor room, Refreshment area, Separate labs for grouping, cross matching and serological screening, Blood storage area, Component separation area, Sterilization area and Storage room. It functions 24X 7 providing service to patients admitted in our hospital as well as to those in need from other hospitals also.

The technically skilled staff in the blood bank currently provides quality service to more than 10,000 patients annually. The blood bank technicians have two major roles- one called compatibility testing, where donated blood and blood products from a donor to a patient is matched, and another called component therapy, which involves separating whole blood into its various individual components, like Packed red blood cells (PRBC), Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Platelet concentrate (Plt. Conc.) and Cryoprecipitate, for administration to patients. The transfusion medicine is the only area in the clinical laboratory that prepares products to be administered to the patients. Blood donation camps are regularly conducted (twice or thrice a month) by a team of skilled and trained staffs. This facility helps us to provide an uninterrupted supply of blood and its products to the needy.

Screening Tests

Blood grouping and typing

Blood cross matching

Coombs test

Coombs cross matching

Tests for uncommon blood cell antigens and antibodies

Screening tests for infectious agents like HIV, HBsAg, HIV, Venereal diseases, Malaria and Filaria.

Blood Components Available

Whole Human Blood (WHB)

Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBCs)

Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)

Platelet Concentrate


The Instruments Used In The Department Of Transfusion Medicine Are

Blood storage refrigerator

Deep freezer (-80°C and -35°C)

Incubator (37°C)

Cryobath (4°C)

Plasma thawing bath (37°C)

Platelet agitator (22°C)

Refrigerated centrifuge

Biosafety cabinet

Automated Blood grouping and Cross matching unit

Automated Blood donor couch

Fully automated ELISA- Evolis Twin Plus (BioRad)

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