Billing and Discharge

Billing cycle is from 12 midnight to 12 midnight, subject to a minimum of one day rent. However on the day of discharge if the patient vacates the room by 2 pm, no room charges shall be levied for that day. In case patient vacates by 6 pm, half day room charge shall be levied and beyond 6 pm, full day charge will be levied. The discharge time is subject to the time taken for discharge summary to be signed by the concerned doctor, payment of the discharge bill etc. These can vary depending on the days when the doctor is doing OP or cases in Theatre or any unexpected things. Hospital cannot assure a fixed time for the provision of discharge summary. It is only at the presentation of paid discharge bill at the admitted nursing station, the discharge summary will be provided to the patient and the discharge process gets completed.

Payments are to be made in advance and whenever intimation for advance deposit is given to the patient bystanders, they need to pay immediately.

Cash will be accepted up to Rs 2 lakhs only during one admission to discharge period. All payments of Rs 2 lakhs and above shall be made by the way of transfer to the account of the Hospital by way of RTGS/NEFT/IMPS or any other approved method of transfer. Swiping of cards can also be made. Repayment of excess amount remitted will be made through the credit of party’s account only. For this purpose, patient/bystander shall provide IFS code, Account number and name of bank and branch etc at the bill counter while settling the final bill.

For any problems regarding billing, please contact Billing in-charge or Senior Manager Finance.

0416 – 2206300